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Berlin Modular: Performances

Dear Modulists,

Performance time!

Let's get together once more and go on a little trip around a few musical universes by having the community members performing for us.

If you have a modular come up on stage, take control of the ship and lead us on a tour in your sonic world!

Line up:

Radpix - modukularscapes
From the 1980s to th 2010s lots of experimenting with a computer via Logic, Ableton Live and Tools from Native Instruments, not then gone into production or Performances.
Since 2015/16 start with modular devices, playing, learning and collecting.
Playing and practicing in several modular Jams in Berlin (Maze LSB Sessions, Common Ground, Spektrum, Ohm)

Matthieu Ranc
"I like to see what I am playing as being slow, attached to little details. My music is inspired by calm and self-awareness. Always improvised, it is for me an on-going process, a never-ending loop: the resulting music influencing the rest of what is to come. It is a journey whose end I can not predict, a moment in the day where everything stops. It is a call to dive deep into our minds, and think on how we ended up here, at this precise point in time."

Monotrail is the latest musical project of Berlin-based Dutch artist and musician Rijnder Kamerbeek. Improvising on a compact modular synthesizer Monotrail sculpts his sounds with analog noise, distorted synths, smooth filtered sequences and experimental percussion. The result is a sonic journey which takes you along melodic ambient and drone sessions, distant field recordings, and occasional pulsating rhythms.

Mo Van
Movan is an artist from Peru. He studied communication science and art with a focus on audiovisual. As an experimental video artist, he creates installations and audiovisual events. His poetic experiments create textures and narrative atmospheres in compiled clips, which he combines with live sounds.

Georg von Goerki
Georg has played Drums in different bands as a teenager. When he started studying computer science, he began to be interested in synthesizers. After, finishing his studies he bought his first hardware Synth. He currently plays drums in two bands and go to jams with his modular synth

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