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Berlin Modular Stammtisch

Plans change but some backup plans are a guarenteed fail-safe so we're hosting the informal Stammtisch as an official Berlin Modular event this time around :-) We'll meet in the front room of the Spektrum where there'll be plenty of room to make a giant chat circle or we can split up into smaller groups as the evening progresses to focus on a DIY prototype or discuss the merits of Banana jacks and cables or the pros and cons of SMT/SMD ;-) 

This event is open to absolutely everyone: newbies, the curious about Modular, the veterans and the regulars. Come along and hopefully be surprised to find a collaborator or someone who shares your passion for the BeFaCo Rampage but surprises you because they also have and use the Maths ;-)

Berlin Modular aims to bring the modular synthesizer, the experience of building one, and it's luscious sounds to all people and aliens alike.

We want to meet up with other enthusiasts to: build modular synthesizers, have jam sessions, showcases, plan future events, share demonstrations and performances with.

We will be providing lead free solder, soldering irons, and misc. DIY tools. We can help you in German, English or Gibberish. Spektrum will provide the wonderful environment, sound system and refreshments for purchase!