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Serge Modular, Ciat-Lonbarde, Bugbrand, eKalimba, Bastl....
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Cables of Love

  • Humboldthain Club (map)

Line-up /

Hrtl (CZ)
Colin Benders (NL)
Kadaver (CZ)
Perpetual Ash (US)
Quite Eyes of Air (US)
Thunderdrone (ES)
zvukoprocessor (DE)
Baseck (US)
Sune A/V (DE)
Paseka (CZ)
Dick DeLorean (AT)
Lavender (US)
Plast (CZ)
Robbertunist (DE)
Goldwiener A/V (DE)

Night Party- Modular music for your body and soul.
Day- Workshops for your mind and your heart.

2 stages:

Downstairs. - Dancing, Moving
Upstairs. - Chilling, Droning, Spacing

Live Modular Visuals by Optic Veil (DE)
Optic Veil uses analog and digital video hardware to create dreamy-like patterns and shapes that morph as they follow the sound.

Daytime DIY Workshops:


The acclaimed master of chaos™ with a selection of his crazy eurorack creations, old and new (some available for the first time here!)

Erica Synths (LV)

Latvia's #1 lovers and masterful re-creators of the legendary polyvoks synthesizer in modular euro-rack DIY format among legions of awesome other instruments. They will bring the new Erica Polyvoks DIY line for us to build.

Bastl Instruments (CZ)

The Czech brand with strong DIY aesthetics will offer their micromodular Kastle synth as well as a selection of eurorack modules. Get ready to have fun 3000 and touch wood.

TouellSkouarn (FR)

The brand with the strange Breton names for their modules with which you can obtain absolutely creamy to screamy sounds. DIY goodness galore.

Community & DIY Workshops from Afternoon to Twilight.
Party from Dusk to Dawn.

Welcome to cables of Love.