Patch Point

Serge Modular, Eurorack, Ciat-Lonbarde, eKalimba, Bugbrand, Bastl....
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We are proud to announce the newest part of Patch Point — the booking section.

You can book 4 hour sessions with our instruments, or apply for an extended residency.

Right now the bookings are on a first come first serve basis, and completely free:

  • you can record your session, or use the time to learn and explore the instruments.

  • we can provide you with headphones, or you can bring your own.

  • there is a chance you can use our speakers, but it is not guaranteed ATM.

  • we have an audio interface, cassette recorder, and an sd card recorder available for use — Please email us separately to reserve.

  • this is not a guided session.

  • you will be on your own.

  • if you want to learn more about these Instruments before making a booking, please attend a workshop, or say during showroom hours.

  • for residencies please send us an email with your intentions.

with the ^bove interface you can schedule 4 hours with the system of your choice.