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4ms SMR DIY Workshop

We are happy to host a special DIY workshop with our portland buddies 4MS.

THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS, and shouldn’t take more than 1.5 hours to finish!

Allissa from 4MS and founder of the Synth Library Portland will guide the workshop.

Limited to 20 spaces, You can sign up and either pay 50% deposit (119) and the rest in cash 120 at the workshop, or pay 100% in full up front. The choice is yours.

Please select the time you will come and start. Patch Point is a relatively small space, so we are staggering the start times! Please be on time!

"The Spectral Multiband Resonator from 4ms Company is an innovative resonant filter which can process audio like a classic filter bank, ring like a marimba when plucked/struck, vocode, re-mix tracks, harmonize, output spectral data, quantize audio to scales, and much more... 

The 4MS SMR kit is available only at workshops. You won't ever find this kit in dealers or online, so be sure to come and meet us for a chance to build your own. This DIY module is half the cost of the built unit "

Saturday November 3rd 

Hours: 12:30-5PM 

Deposit required: 50% deposit or pay in full 

Capacity is limited - First come first serve

Note: Build time varies but it's recommended to give yourself around an hour and a half to patiently complete this project. 

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